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Collection of links exposing Sheikh Hisham Charlatan Kabbani lies

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  • 5 hours ago

only one successor for Sheikh Nazim it is Sheikh Mehmet

I collected 5 videos clarifying that there is only one successor for Sheikh Nazim it is Sheikh Mehmet also this is approved by Sheikh Adnan (for those who claim he has been appointed by Grandsheikh) to my website you can link anyone to there or this is list of videos:

What about Sheikh Hisham Charlatan Kabbani he is dangerous liar who say this:

and write this:

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  • 6 hours ago

Mawlana shaykh nazim telling everyone that shaykh mehmet is khalifa

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  • 7 hours ago

Sheikh Hisham Charlatan Kabbani

So like you see I was right Sheikh Hisham Charlatan Kabbani is dangerous liar. Stay away from him everyone who believe in Allah and tariqa.

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  • 7 hours ago

 This was starting as a joke but now we see that Shk Hisham and his brother really did say a lie on Shk Nazim grave to whole tariqa. Amazing

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  • 15 hours ago

shameless liar is this Sheikh Hisham

What a shameless liar is this Sheikh Hisham. He is saying nobody can take back order about appointed khalifa’s. And Shk Nazim said “We can give and we can take back appointed khalifas” on this video
Secondly how they come up with a story about Grandsheikh who said “My khalifa is Sheikh Nazim and i give him 2 halifas sheikh adnan and sheikh hisham”. This was like 40 year ago and its meaning was to spread islam to east and west. Grandsheikh don’t have permission to appoint a successor of Sheikh Nazim. This is also true for Sheikh Sharafuddin - he only can put Grandsheikh Abdullah and not Sheikh Nazim or someone after him. This is a lie again.
Thirdly Sheikh Mehmet is in full authority by order of Prophet s.a.s and is in Golden Chain as Sheikh Nazim said on this video he has right to speak to anyone from east to west and Shk Hisham and Shk Adnan doesnt have any diplomatic protection from that as well. So if any question about who has permission or not directly Sheikh Mehmet will tell you. You don’t have to rely on Sheikh Nazim words in 1988 from some self made book or Grandsheikh words back in 1960-74.
Seriously this Sheikh Hisham is a big liar and shameless enemy of Islam.

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  • 19 hours ago

fitna is that Hicham

Letter from wise man

"the only one who is making fitna is that Hicham. We felt his envy and jealousy long time ago; like a child with his mother, he wanted mawlana Sheikh Nazim for him only. He didn’t love him he only want to draw his attention always. Hicham was always praising Mawlana ostentatiously only to draw his attention and it was very embarrassing even for mawlana.

When grandsheikh Abdullah passed away, his khalifa Mawlana Sheikh Nazim asked Hicham to give all the tapes where he had recorded grandsheikh’s sohbas. He himself told this; to follow mawlana Sheikh Nazim only. He told us about Sheikh Hussein who had accepted the decision of grandsheikh to give his succession to mawlana Sheikh Nazim without any objections and now he challenges mawlana Sheikh Nazim and mawlana Sheikh Mehmet. What an hypocrisy. Crazy man”
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  • 19 hours ago

Oh my god this guy is crazy. Shk Hisham expose his false nature. He doesn’t accept Shk Mehmet. This video 2 days ago 

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  • 19 hours ago

Good bye forever Sheikh Hisham team

Check it out what shit they put on saying stupid donkey ass Sheikh Hisham and his brother are successors of Sheikh Nazim not Sheikh Mehmet ahaha this idiots just burried themselve tonight… Good bye forever Sheikh Hisham team

Dear Abdul Fattah,

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

as-Salamu ‘aleykum wr wb,

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Watch: Prophet ﷺ ‘s order cannot be abrogated:

Prophet(s)’s order cannot be abrogated

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wow that escalated quickly!

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  • 1 day ago

non existing sufi order Naqshbandi Nazimiya

Check this out a fake sufi made non existing sufi order Naqshbandi Nazimiya proclaiming himself as a head of it Sheikh Hisham Kabbani the impostor not awlia.

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  • 1 day ago

Follow one sheikh. Not 4.

Follow one sheikh. Not 4.
By Ubaydullah Rabbani.

The only reason I see evil of Shk Hisham (and so does all big sheikhs) is because I know very good Shk Mehmet and Naqshbandi tariqa inside.
Shk Hisham has a good response from crowds and stupid scholars because it’s his bread to walk on brains of stupid ones. But not real sufism.
Some can say okay leave Shk Hisham to work with crowds then. Oh yeah? But he is misleading them away from true sufism which is Shk Mehmet.
And you can put in ass your shia type of stories about family business by marrying daughter of Mawlana. Children of Mawlana mean nothing!
Claiming such things makes Shk Hisham even worse person. We are in heart of Islam here obidiency is over pride. If he doesn’t know basics.
It is of course good desire of his to earn money of whole tariqa by making them send charities only to him. But now he cross Shk Mehmet way.
I can’t explain to stupid masses things that they don’t understand by themselve. So they may follow crowds and find themselve nowhere later.
But Shk Hisham playing dirty games on his hiddenly telling people that he is somewhat to follow instead of Shk Mehmet
In reality to follow Shk Mehmet means you forget everything about Shk Nazim and his stupid FAMILY type tariqa.Forget Bahaudin, Shk Adnan too
Obidiency means shut up you have no position in front of Allah and his representative is Sheikh Mehmet and all perish and melt in him total.
Coming up with family business like we have this and that heavy authority on the scale makes you mushrik and munafik. This is not obidiency.
Really some idiots told me few years ago from Sri Lanka and Singapore that Shk Adnan is successor of Mawlana not Shk Mehmet. True story too.
And such people claim they are representative of Mawlana. They don’t even know who is his successor truly. And Shk Hisham is bigger claimer.
Seriously the only reason this people saying to follow Shk Hisham, Shk Adnan, Bahaudin is because they are disobidient and tend to separate.
But I’m telling you nobody will follow tariqa until you accept only Shk Mehmet as you accept only Allah is your god. Don’t make tagut idols.
Saying we love this one and that one has no meaning in front of oneness tawhid. Whether it’s fake illusion of family or Hazrat Ali or else.
Islam is one and there is no place for personal opinion and ego desires. One means - Abu Bakr Siddiq is head for everyone without Hazrat Ali
But Hazrat Ali was obedient to Abu Bakr however so don’t bring him to the story even.We are dealing with Muawiya sort of munafik people here
I’m not saying take away Shk Hisham I’m saying be careful with him. He is very sneaky and evil on his plans and we are working for Islam.
If he continue to do the job against what we are doing by trying to suck all followers on his side for money reason then he make Allah angry
And like Sheikh Mehmet said in last sohbet “Who follow shaitan will be with him in hell Allah said in Quran”. So we are with Shk Mehmet only
If Shk Hisham and others want to say they are servants of tariqa okay then. But don’t be diversants. We don’t need this. We are famous too.

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  • 1 day ago

indonesian people are manipulated

yeah right your indonesian people are manipulated deeply they never seen Sheikh Mehmet in eyes how can they claim Shk Hisham is good one?

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  • 1 day ago

extra charity

extra charity got today 100 euro from my charity programm member codename holland 1
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which makes him 500 euro just on computer issue during this 2 weeks peirod alone
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mashallah what a help

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  • 1 day ago

sunrise in Lefke Cyprus

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  • 2 days ago

I advice cooking dark chocolate sauce at home. A lot of political issues will stop matter.

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  • 3 days ago