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extra charity  Ubaydullah Rabbani ✔
300 euro extra from holland 1 member of my charity programm came today for purchase that actually went to more expensive one as opposed to previous decision.
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extra charity‎ Ubaydullah Rabbani ✔ 

from brasil 1 member of my charity programm ive got 400 euro extra today for purchase and that position is closed now
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extra charity‎ Ubaydullah Rabbani ✔

ive got 100 euro extra from france 1 charity programm member today
this is for one purchase that we are aiming for

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Catholic Priest Wakes Up From Coma After 17 Months, Converts To Islam

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Daily sufi murid prayers

Daily sufi murid prayers
by Ubaydullah Rabbani.

my day starts at magrib azan with 2 hour prayer
magrib namaz, awabin namaz then surah 32 sajda reading in arabic
then personal zikr then zikr for world war 3 adviced by shk nazim.
then isha namaz, witr namaz, amana rasulu ayats 285-286 surah 2 bakara.
this thing takes 2 hours. and this is beginning of every day.

for fajr prayer there is tahajjud namaz
morning zikr
subhanallahi wa bihamdihi subhanallahil aziym astagfirullah 100 times
la ilaha ilallah zikr 100 times
then fajr namaz
then surah 36 yaseen recitation
then ishrak namaz

after that there is time to sleep until midday there is
zuhr namaz and surah mulk 67 recitation in arabic
and then asr namaz and surah naba 78 from quran
and this is end of the day.

time to feed animals and walk with huski wolf until
magrib azan and everything starts again.

and this is even without counting time of 1 juz of quran and 1 hisb of dalailul hairat and daily zikr of murids which is this one

I mean people who want to be murids try to do all this everyday for the beginning
you will have very little free time and you won’t be bored and thinking about how you should progress in tariqat and looking for secret sufi techniques or something.
this is normal task for every murids around the world from Sheikh Nazim dergah in Lefke.
they also doing this programm in dergah everyday.
people wonder how they should be murids
well you have prayer carpet you have prayer beads you have arabic quran and zikr list you can be murid
you now just need A DISCIPLINE to follow this programm and it is not easy.
after this you can ask about what else you can do.
but until this will be your normal day don’t ask stupid questions about what is sufism.

oh by the way before every prayer zikr or recitation of quran you need to say
nawaitul arbain nawaitul uzla nawaitul halwa nawaitul riada nawaitul suluk lillahi taala fi hazal masjid
this means you intend to make 40 days seclusion in this place of worship
so until you stand up it will be counted day by day by angels until you collect 1000 hours of worship
(not 40 days programm but 40 full days of worship without counting sleeping time and free time so if you spend daily 5 hour in prayer zikr quran then it may take 200 days to complete if you spend 8 hour then 125 days or 4 month following this programm non stop).
after this you can say you are murid os naqshbandi sufi order.
oh by the way after each prayer you need to present sawab the spiritual reward for this actions to soul of Prophet s.a.s. all sahaba and golden chain of masters of Naqshbandi order which is successors of Prohet s.a.s. from heart to heart transmission of his spiritual herritage which is Secret of Rasulullah (or secret of Quran) that he got from Allah.

For that presenting you prostrait hands like making dua then need to read this:
"Ila sharafin nabiyi salallahu aleihi wa sallim
wa ila alihi wa sahbihi
wa ila arwahi ikhwanihi minal anbiyayi wal mursalina
wa hudamayi sharaihim
wa ila arwahil aimmatil arbaa
wa ila arwahi mashaikhina fit tariqatin naqshbandiyatil aliya
hassatan ila ruhi imami tariqa wa gauthil halika
Khwaja shah Bahaudin Naqshband Muhammadil Uwaisil Bukhari
wa ila sultan ul awliya sheikh Abdullah al Faiz ad Daghestani
wa ila Mawlana Sultan ul Awliya Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani
wa ila Sultan ul Awlia Sheikh Mehmet Adil ar Rabbani
wa ila Sayedina Hizr wa ila sadatina wa siddiqiyun al Fatiha

and then you read surah fatiha and say ameen and put this dua on your face as normal dua.

btw you also need to add Duha namaz in between fajr and zuhr
so if u prefer sleep at night then do it as well
i prefer not sleep at nights for some reason i like angel company calm peaceful time all people nafs are sleeping all animals crazy sleeping.
so i feel im alone in the world like after armageddon so nice

there is hadis who is used to find being alone okay is not going to suffer from being alone in grave coz Allah is with those who are alone (without people).

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Is it time of Imam Mahdi to support Shk Mehmet programm?

Is it time of Imam Mahdi to support Shk Mehmet programm?
By Ubaydullah Rabbani.

Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday:
The early-morning total lunar eclipse of Wednesday, Oct. 8 2014,

its another bloody moon maybe sign of imam mahdi or something
full moon came to the day of eclipse right after Hajj
that can be a sign
Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. used to pray when eclipses happening non stop until it’s finished
coz it was like a danger that the world will end in that day or something
but there are a lot of prophecies that Imam Mahdi will come out after certain moon and sun eclipses that will happen in close to each other time (or maybe after Hajjul Akbar when day of Arafat will be on friday which is this case of last friday as well).
also death of Shk Nazim as Shk Mehmet said is sign of big war coz he said after each grandsheikh die there was a big war but armageddon didn’t happen after Grandsheikh Abdullah he said but after Shk Nazim it is
so armageddon is world war 3 and its also meant to happen somewhat after hajjul akbar as well as imam mahdi come out.
it is also logical because those Nazimiya idiots leaded by Shk Hisham Charlatan did break heart of islam our tariqat sold it to shia and jews and broken its ways by leading away from following Shk Mehmet for major part of murids right after Shk Nazim died
so now Imam Mahdi should come and take their heads away as well as all munafik muslim imams
coz something is really forbidden to do in this world. its to touch the rope of Allah which is Sultan ul Awlia golden chain and naqshbandi tariqat.
and as we know Shk Mehmet is minister of Imam Mahdi and his right hand (wazair) as Shk Nazim said in this video
he might be Imam Mahdi himself but hidden according to hadis and signs that he has on himself.
this is information for those who follow fake sect Nazimiya by shaitan Shk Hisham Charlatan and their shia friends as they claim rights on Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Ali which is like christians claim rights on Jesus to be opposite to Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. when Jesus supporting Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. in reality not supporting christians.
Hazrat Ali also said during his life “i have nothing to do with those people. im not with them” about shia who started to fight Aisha wife of Prophet s.a.s. right after Prophet passed away.
so anyway this is important time now and lie will see a huge slap from Allah this is no joke this is judgement day for Dajjals and shaitans who touched the holyest thing in the world - the heart of islam. world is fully damned and dirty this is just last thing remaining and they touch it as well just now. so Imam Mahdi has nothing to wait anymore this is his time now to change world and grant everyone what they deserve and later they will see their destiny inshallah.

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Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday:

Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday:
 The early-morning total lunar eclipse of Wednesday, Oct. 8 2014,

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This is that sheikh from central asia Ibrahim Kokandi that I met and wrote about. Its old style Naqshbandi they focus on lataif silent zikr. watch video and your lataif in hearet will open and shine as noor in your chest mirracle… He had 100 000 followers or more and all pure and dedicated derwishes who work on jobs but they share all their property among each other like making own houses to be dergah mosques for anyone to pray and sleep. Even me I was there even they never met me before. I just said I’m from Shk Nazim it was enough. Pir Ibrahim also spoke about Shk Nazim very highly with huge respect so as Shk Nazim spoke about him as big awlia. This is real awlia allah not those idiots in our tariqa with long beard and big mouth. Pir Ibrahim is died already and their tariqat stopped few years ago because Shk Mehmet today taking charge of all as central sheikh of all tariqa and naqshbandi silsilas.

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  • 2 weeks ago

what makes someone become kafir?

to say there is no sultan ul awlia is like to say there is no Allah

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extra charity

i’ve got 100$ extra from brasil 1 member of my charity programm today with comment

"assalamu alaykum ubaydullah
i sent 100 dollars charity for yawm arafat
may Allah forgive our sins

some people know the purpose of charity more than others

(my paypal is or has button donate)

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Enough explanation on Shk Hisham.

Enough explanation on Shk Hisham.
By Ubaydullah Rabbani.

Okay enough. You know last few weeks a lot of people sent me messages about Shk Hisham making this statement and that statement against our tariqat and I commented on it to let people understand that it is wrong.
But now I start to hear from some other people that I am the evil one so I am stopping here - whoever wants to know the truth will know it without my help. I actually don’t get anything by helping you to know reality. So yeah go and believe whomever you want to believe. I don’t want to comment anything about Sheikh Hisham anymore. If you will get in his trap - I will be happy because you deserve that. But I believe Sheikh Mehmet will put things to the place by himself.
Also I appologize if my reposting from here and there and my own comments made someone uncomfortable in their beliefs.
I really don’t care where you will fall so go find your own way no problem.
It was not neccessary for me to interfere in what is going on between tariqa authorities at all. It is funny and nice for me by itself.
So I don’t have to add anything to it at all.
So I am not going to add anything to it anymore.
I have my other duties to do.
Something peaceful and useful for tariqa followers.
And Shk Hisham, Shk Adnan, Bahaudin Shk Mehmet business go and find out yourself. I am not going to comment on anything they will briing up next.
Thanks for understanding and sorry for inconvinience.
If you don’t understand something by yourself you won’t accept it from me.

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  • 2 weeks ago

One comment about Shk Adnan exposing Nazimiya sect

One comment about Shk Adnan exposing Nazimiya sect from one of my charity programm member from France:
"this video is clear but one thing still bothers me; why they never mention Mawlana Sheikh Mehmet with Mawlana Sheikh Abdallah and mawlana  Sheikh Nazim; he is on the golden chain. That puts confusion in the tariqa too. It’s been several years since Mawlana Sheikh Mehmet took the reins of the tariqa; Mawlana Sheikh Nazim made bayat to him too but people do not understand. Whatever said Mawlana Sheikh Nazim on mawlana Sheikh Mehmet, people continued to focus on him. That’s why I was saying to myself the only solution to this problem is that Mawlana Sheikh Nazim pass away. I was saying perhaps if he passed away, murids will focus on mawlana Sheikh Mehmet. And when he passed away big fitna as said Sheikh Adnan. The jackal was hiding behind the bush. Who wants to become Caliph instead of the Caliph appeared. The frog who wants to be as big as the beef began to croak"

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  • 2 weeks ago

I don’t like Sheikh Adnan

 I don’t like Sheikh Adnan because one day he is against Shk Hisham second day he is after him. And he confuse people with adding deputies.

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  • 3 weeks ago

Shaykh Adnan exposes the Naqshbandi-Nazimiyyah

 Shaykh Adnan exposes the Naqshbandi-Nazimiyyah

nice one from Shk Adnan
he proved my words that this Nazimiya is taken from shia alim shaytan Ahmed Amiruddin to destroy Ahlu Sunnah
and that Shk Hisham Charlatan only used Mawlana Shk Nazim name to cover his evil deeds
and that people who follows Nazimiya fake sect will go to Hellfire.
he also added that Nazimiya is lead by Satan himself and his agents

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  • 3 weeks ago